July 8, 2014

Day 7: Horta

A pretty uneventful day. In the morning I walked over to Porto Pim, a large bay on the other side of town where there is a nice beach, an aquarium, and the old whaling factory that is now a museum run by OMA.

Nice to get my feet wet, but then it started to rain and I resigned myself to going back to the hotel, where I spent most of the day finishing up work on another grant to (hopefully) fund the rest of this project. It was the exact opposite of fun. When I finished, it was 5 PM, the sun was out, so I walked to the black sand beach nearby for a swim. Not much in the way of waves, but a little body surfing was possible. Then dinner at Casa (of course) — delicious cabbage and bean soup, smoked salmon sandwich with cucumbers, local cheese, and really good herbs, and the most amazing fig cake. Hard to describe how good the latter was. Then another great Pico sunset (are there ever bad ones?), a stroll around the neighborhood, and home to an early sleep.