March 30, 2017


Apparently, someone decided that what this little beach town of 4000 people really needed was a fancy contemporary art center, and so we have Arquipélago. When I was here in 2014 it was still under construction and not yet open. They converted an old industrial building that was once used to make alcohol, and before that to process tobacco, which was grown here. Now it is a very nice exhibition space for contemporary arts, with an excellent black box theater that I am working in.

I am especially jealous of the system of weighted pulleys that allows all of the lighting bars to be lowered and raised from the floor, without going up in a rickety lift. And they do have cat walks above in case you need to go up for some reason. I also like the fact that there have been two competent government employees helping me out with setting up sound and lights. The room has surprisingly good acoustics. When I heard "black box" I expected the usual dry acoustics, but this space has a lovely reverb that will allow us to perform without amplifying the instruments. And while the sound system may not be state of the art, it is perfectly adequate for what I am doing here. So far so good!