A Gathering

December 2015, CD-R + visual art & text in 7"x7" boxes (limited edition, 56 copies); Self-published; out of print.

In 1985, visual artist Mariko Marrs hand-painted 56 reel-reel tape boxes for a cassette release project of mine that never materialized. I stored them for 30 years waiting for the right opportunity to use them, and this was it. A Gathering is a limited edition box of visual art, text, and music by myself and Seattle friends Renko Dempster (aka Suiren), Jessika Kenney, Alan Lau, Mariko Marrs, Cristin Miller (aka Stella Haze), Shin Yu Pai, and Matt Shoemaker. Each artist contributed 56 items to put in the boxes (either multiples or unique works), along with a CD-R of new sound pieces by Kenney, Miller, Peters, and Shoemaker. Each box is different, and all of the work was created specifically for this project. Each artist received eight boxes to sell, gift, or keep as they see fit.

Words & Images

Suiren (Renko Ishida Dempster) Elements of the Earth (Chi, earth; Sui, water; Ka, fire; Fu, air; Ku, space) Sumi ink, acrylic on paper; 5” x 5”; 2014

Jessika Kenney Your Name Ink on paper, Farsi text; 2015

Alan Lau autumn’s decay, winter’s bones Watercolor, sumi ink, rice paper on postcards; 4” x 6”; 2015

Mariko Marrs Signage from Japan Color photographs; 2015

Cristin Miller Wreck Photograph of salt crystals, Death Valley, CA; 2015

Shin Yu Pai Stones + Sheep Piece Mini chapbooks, 1” x 1”; 24th Street Irregular Press, San Diego, CA; 2003

Steve Peters Garden Improvisations Flowers crushed on paper; 4” x 6”; made during an Oultopia residency in Oulchy-le-Château, France, June 2015

Matt Shoemaker Drawings of Frogs on Found Postcards Various sizes; 2015


Jessika Kenney – Munes-e Ravānam (7:37) Recorded live at Good Shepherd Center Chapel, 2014. For voice and “tape” – in this sense it feels like part of an “invitation to a gathering,” in which one arrives and finds themselves surrounded by sonic mirrors and psychic companions, or perhaps observing the two halves of the brain singing and speaking to each other. The poetry is a common devotional literary trope in Persian by Nizami (12th c.).

Alan Lau – 3 Japan Poems: The Delivery; Omido, Nara; Train to Obaku (1:44) Recorded at Good Shepherd Center Chapel, November 2015 by Susie Kozawa, who also plays Japanese glass fishing floats.

Matt Shoemaker – Pond Dream (11:44) Instrumentation: strings, feedback systems, analogue effects; Environmental Phenomena: Bantul, Central Java; Assembled in Seattle October - November 2015

Steve Peters – Chaud / Froid (13:48) Composed December 2015; source material recorded during an Oultopia residency in Oulchy-le-Château, France, June 2015

Stella Haze – Wreck (7:34) Cristin Miller: voice & electronics; 2015

All recordings previously unreleased and © the individual artists.