Lições dos Antepassados / Lessons from the Ancestors (2011, 2013)

July 23, 2011
Capela de Nossa Senhora de Conceição
Nodar, Portugal
Exhibition catalog + CD (forthcoming)
Listen to an edited version (10:00)

4.1-channel site-specific sound installation, presented as part of a Binaural Artist Residency. Environmental sounds, chapel bells, spoken names of the region's human ancestors and the common names of local flora and fauna (Luis Costa, Ines Henriques, José Henriques, Carina Martins), and sung Latin names of same (Manuela Barile).

September 20 – November 8, 2013
Jack Straw New Media Gallery
Reviews: Seattle Times, The Stranger

Revised as an 8-channel installation, adding four more speaking voices from members of Seattle's Portuguese community (Diana Antunes, Ana Inacio, Luís Ramos, Jorge Varanda)