Here-ings: a sonic geohistory

2002; CD + Book (US $20); La Alameda Press (ISBN: 1-888809-38-83)
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Documents a site-specific installation created at THE LAND/an art site in Mountainair, New Mexico. Photographs by Margot Geist.

Twenty-four hours of field recordings were made over the course of one year at various places on this forty-acre site dedicated to low impact, land-based art. These were edited down to a 72-minute sound collage, mixed with contact microphone recordings of various objects found at the site such as grass, cactus, trees, ants, and wire fences. Short poetic texts evoking the sounds heard during each recorded hour were engraved on stone and steel listening benches that are placed permanently on all of the recording sites. The 72-page book contains essays discussing the process and ideas behind the creation of the work, the listening bench poems, and a detailed track list of all the sounds heard on the CD.

Reviews: 5:4.