I am always interested in working on good film and video projects, whether as composer, producer, editor, sound designer, or location recordist, or through licensing my existing work.

Stray Dog — 2014, Still Rolling Productions; directed by Debra Granik. I did some music consulting for this moving portrait of Ronnie Hall, a Vietnam veteran and one of the stars of Debra's feature film Winter's Bone. This film has been playing on the festival circuit, and an edited version was broadcast for Veterans Day 2015 by PBS on their Independent Lens series.

Red Ashes (Rosso Cenere) — 2013, Cineparallax/Cineparalleli Hobo Shibumi; directed by Adriano Aprà & Augusto Contento. A documentary that explores poetical, mystical and visionary aspects of the island of Stromboli and the film made in 1950 by Roberto Rossellini, Stromboli, Terra Di Dio. It uses archive footage from the restored print of Rossellini’s film, together with sequences from documentaries shot by Vittorio De Seta in the Aeolian Islands, and home movies by Ingrid Bergman not previously screened in public. 

Winter's Bone — 2010, Roadside Attractions (DVD released by Lion's Gate Films); directed by Debra Granik. Award-winning feature film based on the novel by Daniel Woodrell. Set in the Missouri Ozarks, the soundtrack features great local folk and country musicians, and original score by Dickon Hinchliffe (Tindersticks). I did some post-production location recording, produced studio sessions with the local musicians, and produced the soundtrack album, which is available on CD or as digital download. And a tiny excerpt of my piece In Memory of the Four Winds was used in one scene to enhance the sound of a wood splitter.

With My Back to the World: Agnes Martin — 2002, New Deal Films; DVD; 57 minutes; directed by Mary Lance. An intimate portrait of the great American abstract painter Agnes Martin, made during her final years in Taos, New Mexico. I was honored to compose the score, as her work has been hugely influential to me. Some of the music was released on the Occasional Music CD.

Gathering Up Again: Fiesta in Santa Fé — 1992, Quotidian Documentary Research; VHS (out of print)/DVD; 47 minutes; directed by Jeanette DeBouzek & Diane Reyna. I did location and post-production recording for this controversial doc about the oldest public celebration in the USA, revealing cross-cultural tensions that arise during this annual event honoring the "bloodless" reconquest of New Mexico.