2007; 2-CD; Trace Label (024), Paris

Includes Ancestral Memory, which can also be heard on Occasional Music.

2-CD compilation featuring 19 composers from 4 countries, all of them found on MySpace by producer Hervé Zénouda: Eric Schwartz (USA), Steve Peters (USA, Nick Didkovsky/Kevin Gallagher (USA), Belinda Reynolds (USA), YanJun (CHina), RyanBrown (USA), Pierre Yves Macé (France), Alphonse Izzo (USA), Marco Oppedisano (USA), Dan Becker (USA), Istvan Peter B'Rack (USA), John King (USA), Fathmount (China), Olivier Pé/Yannick Frank (Belgium), Dean Rosenthal (USA), Hervé Zénouda (France), Josh Millrod (USA).