Cassette Mythos

Edited by Robin James
Autonomedia (Brooklyn, New York)
1992; Book, 196 pages, illustrated; ISBN: 0-936756-69-1

Includes Tape Recorder as Audio Camera: Snapshot Radio/Cassette Magazine, an essay co-written with Rich Jensen about our early work with field recordings and found audio.

An amazing overview/anthology of documents from the international underground cassette network ca. mid-late 1980s. Contributors include Miekel And, Eugene Chadbourne, Michael Chocholak, Chris Cutler, Cyrnai, Amy Denio, Phil Dink, Lena Dixon, Mark Edwards, Karen Eliot, L. Bottom Eyes, Dan Fioretti, John Foster, Tom Furgas, Qubais Reed Ghazala, Mike Gunderloy, Chris Hardiman, Sue Ann Harkey, Sean Wolf Hill, Robert Hinrix, Carl Howard, John Hudak, Robin James, Steve Jones, Geoff Kirk, William Levy, Little Fyodor, Annea Lockwood, Dave Mandl, Al Margolis, Scott Marshall, Hal McGee, Minoy, Steve Moore, Erik Mueller, Gen Ken Montgomery, David Myers, John Oswald, Bart Plantenga, A. Produce, Conrad Schnitzler, Pennie Stasik, Neil Strauss, R. Anderson Sutton, and John Trubee.

A companion CD/cassette, Audio Alchemy, was also released on Nonsequitur's ¿What Next? label, available from Pogus)