Arcana IV: Musicians on Music

John Zorn, ed.
Hips Road/Tzadik (New York, NY)
2009; 402 pages, illustrated; ISBN: 978-09788337-8-7

Includes my essay, Making a Place to Listen, about my transition from live performance to sound installations.

Edited by John Zorn, the acclaimed Arcana series provides insight into the work and methodologies of some of the most creative musical minds of our time. Rather than an attempt to distill or define a musician’s work, Arcana IV: Musicians on Music illuminates directly via personal vision and experience, through the undiluted words and thoughts of the practitioners themselves. Elucidating through manifestoes, scores, interviews, notes and critical papers, composer/performers address composing, improvising, teaching, living, touring and thinking in and through music. Contributors: Derek Bailey, Nels Cline, Chris Cutler, Arnold Dreyblatt, Paul Dresher, Toby Driver, David Dunn, Marty Ehrlich, Peter Evans, Fast Forward, James Fei, Miguel Frasconi, Mamoru Fujieda, Kenneth Gaburo, Steve Gorn, Shelley Hirsch, Robin Holcomb, Wayne Horvitz, Vijay Iyer, John King, Alex Lipowski, Bob Ludwig, Keeril Makan, Benedict Mason, Gordon Mumma, Hankus Netsky, Steve Peters, Matana Roberts, Brandon Ross, Ursel Schlicht, David Slusser, Tyshawn Sorey, Katherine SupovĂ©, Davey Williams, and Carolyn Yarnell.