Filtered Light (Chamber Music 4)

2008; CD-R (limited edition, OOP); Dragon's Eye Recordings (de5017), Seattle
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60-minute stereo mix of a four-channel site-specific sound installation in the studio gallery at the University of New Mexico Art Museum, made for the 2008 UNM Composers Symposium. All sounds derived from a field recording of the empty gallery (thanks to Manny Rettinger).

Chamber Music is a series of sound installations derived from recordings of the empty rooms in which the work is exhibited. Luminous resonant frequencies pulled from thin air, sound that aspires to the qualities of light, slowly shifting in tone and intensity with the passing of time.

Reviews: Cyclic Defrost, Earlabs, Igloo, Signal to Noise (Fall 2008, not online), Tokafi, Touching Extremes (scroll almost to bottom), Vital Weekly (scroll way down), White_Line, The Wire (June 2008, not online)