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I've been updating my BandCamp site. You can now stream all of my proper releases there, even buy some as downloads or CDs, and listen to other work that is otherwise unreleased or not easily available.

8/25/16: Canções Profundas (Deep Songs) is now released by local label Prefecture Music on CD and as a digital download, both available directly from me via my BandCamp page. The piece is a cinematic mix of field recordings, improvised music and electronics mapping the journey of my Portuguese ancestors from the Azores Islands to California, featuring some first rate Seattle musicians and Azorean viola da terra ace Rafael Carvalho. The download version includes an extra track of just the soundscape recordings, minus the improvising musicians.

5/28 - 9/18/16: Anna McKee's sculpture WAIS Reliquary: 68,000 Years is at Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. I made an 8-channel sound piece for it derived from playing the thousands of tiny glass ampules that are part of the sculpture. Listen here.

3/18/16: Beauty in the Decay at ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle. Vocalist/dancer Haruko Crow Nishimura (Degenerate Art Ensemble), Stan Shikuma (Seattle Kokon Taiko), and I each responded musically to Alan Lau's beautiful abstract paintings. I played some rocks inspired by three small pieces called The Secret of Stones.

2/21/16: I'm very pleased to report that I have been awarded an Artist Support Program residency at Jack Straw Cultural Center to record Canções Profundas (Deep Songs). Watch for a CD release in the coming year.

12/19/15: A Gathering, an evening of music, art and words I curated, with Renko Dempster, Jessika Kenney, Alan Lau, Mariko Marrs, Cristin Miller, myself, and Matt Shoemaker at the Chapel.

12/18/15: Seattle Phonographers Union at the Chapel.

11/15/15: Canções Profundas (Deep Songs) at Luso Food & Wine in White Center. Full traditional Portuguese dinner buffet before the concert. Presented by the Portuguese Club of Seattle.

9/25 - 26/15: Premier of Canções Profundas (Deep Songs), the huge project about the Azores that I've been obsessed with for the past four years. Chapel Performance Space, Seattle. Project blog here.

7/30/15: Live version of Chamber Music for Noise Yoga at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, using a recording of the museum's empty Salon as source material.

6/5 - 7/25/15: Excerpt of The Very Rich Hours in With Hidden Noise, curated by Stephen Vitiello, Contemporary Art Museum at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL

5/30 - 6/9/15: Oultopia residency in Oulchy-le-Château, France.

5/11/15: Recording trip to California to collect more sounds for the Azores project.

3/20/15: I'm pleased to announce the release (finally!) of Steven M. Miller: Between Noise & Silence, a box set (7xCD + 1 DVD) I produced in tribute to the late composer who was also my good friend. It collects much of his life's work, both solo and in collaboration with other artists, plus a CD of new works composed in Steven's memory by myself, Annea Lockwood, David Dunn, JA Deane, Gregory Taylor, Chris Brown, Pauline Oliveros, David Mahler, and Maggi Payne. It is available from Innova records (see link above), and will be available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon.

2/24 - 5/3/15: Excerpt of The Very Rich Hours in With Hidden Noise, curated by Stephen Vitiello, Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery at the Art Center in Pasadena, CA

1/10/15: not a leaf remains as it was, butoh dance choreographed by Shoko Zama to music from the CD of the same name by me and Steve Roden at Taoist Studies Institute, Seattle.

11/15/14: not a leaf remains as it was, butoh dance choreographed by Shoko Zama to music from the CD of the same name by me and Steve Roden at Studio 36 in Port Townsend, WA.

10/4 - 1/4/15: Mt. Waddington Reliquary with Anna McKee in Accreted Terrane, curated by David Francis at Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner, WA.

10/6/14: The Very Rich Hours at the Ecomusicologies conference, UNC Asheville. 

9/21/14: Stray Dog, new documentary by Winter's Bone director Debra Granik at the Women in Cinema Festival at SIFF Uptown, Seattle. I am pleased to have been Music Consultant on this compassionate portrait of a Vietnam veteran in rural Missouri.

9/1-30/14: Index Filicum in the Fern Room at Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago.

7/19 - 9/7/14: Excerpt of The Very Rich Hours in With Hidden Noise, curated by Stephen Vitiello, Henry Art Gallery at UW, Seattle; Related events: 7/24, live performance by Seattle Phonographers Union; 9/6, listening party/talk with Stephen Vitiello and myself.

7/1-22/14: Field work in the Azores for Deep Songs/Cancões Profundas, examining the relationship between the sounds of whales and the Azorean diaspora in North America. Funded by an Individual Arts Projects grant from 4Culture. Project blog here.

Building 27 | WMP-5
Seattle Phonographers Union

New LP on Prefecture Music. Group improvisations with unprocessed field recordings. Live recordings made inside a decommissioned aircraft hangar and the cooling tower of an unfinished nuclear plant.

Lingua Franca

CD/download from Present Sounds Recordings. Includes Lições dos Antepassados + Index Filicum. Also available from and/OAR, CDBaby, and Amazon + iTunes.

1/28/14: Live performance with Instead Of (Torben Ulrich, Lori Goldston, Angelina Baldoz, Jaison Scott) + guests Stuart Dempster, Susie Kozawa, and dancer Beth Graczyk at Chapel Performance Space, Seattle.

9/20 - 11/22/13: Lições dos Antepassados at Jack Straw New Media Gallery in Seattle. First presented in a chapel in the village of Nodar, Portugal, this revised eight-channel version adds speaking voices from Seattle's Portuguese community. Reviews: Seattle Times, The Stranger.

10/11 - 11/2/13: Mt. Waddington Reliquary, visual/sound installation with artist Anna McKee at Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle. Glacial ice tells stories of climate change. Watch a video.

8/10 - 11/13: 4ever Was Here, sound installation in an old Boy Scout cabin for the Arts in Nature Festival at Camp Long, West Seattle.

8/8/13: Concert with 12k label-mates Corey Fuller & Marcus Fischer, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle. Live version of Chamber Music, based on a recording of the empty Chapel.

5/27 - 7/26/13: With Hidden Noise, curated by Stephen Vitiello, at Katherine E. Nash Gallery, UM, Minneapolis. Includes a section of The Very Rich Hours.

5/23 - 7/6/13: With Hidden Noise, curated by Stephen Vitiello, at Wave Hill, Bronx, NY. Includes a section of The Very Rich Hours.

5/1-31/13: Lições dos Antepassados in the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art's Radio Art Salon at the Arscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto. Stream/download the entire Deep Wireless 9 online album.

3/20 - 4/16/13: With Hidden Noise, curated by Stephen Vitiello, at Monash University MADA Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Includes a section of The Very Rich Hours.

9/27 - 10/28/12: Visiting Artist residency at Santa Fe Art Institute as part of their Half-Life: Patterns of Change program. Read and listen here.

2/21/12: not a leaf remains as it was, duo CD with Steve Roden on 12k, recorded and mixed by Doug Haire during an Artist Support Program residency at Jack Straw Productions. All-acoustic improvised songs based on Japanese jisei. Reviews: Blow Up (Italy), Brainwashed (Boston), Chroniques Electroniques (France), Cyclic Defrost (Australia), Dissolve (France), Ether Real (France),  Fluid Radio (UK), Goûte mes Disques (France?),  Monsieur Délire (Canada), Musique Machine, Sefronia (Belgium?), Textura (Canada), Titel (Germany), Vital Weekly (Netherlands), The Wire (UK)