Steve Peters (b. 1959) makes music and sound for many contexts and occasions using environmental recordings, found/natural objects, electronics, acoustic instruments, and voices. His work is often site-based, attentive to the subtle nuances of perception and place. He also performs with the Seattle Phonographers Union, and works as a freelance producer, writer, and curator. Since 1989 he has been the Director of Nonsequitur, a non-profit organization presenting experimental music and sound art, currently via the Wayward Music Series at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle. His music has been released on such labels as Cold Blue, Palace of Lights, Sirr, Dragon's Eye, 12k, and Present Sounds.

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I. Born near San Francisco, raised in the suburbs of southern California. Surfing, skateboarding, garage bands.

II. 1979-84, Olympia, Washington: The Evergreen State College (music composition); rock music with Steve Fisk, John Foster, Bruce Pavitt, Calvin Johnson, Cheri Knight, Tim Brock, Lois Maffeo, and Gary Wilson; OP Magazine; Music Director at KAOS; Snapshot Radio with Rich Jensen.

III. 1984-88, New York City: Franklin Furnace, New Music Distribution Service, MoMA, American Foundation for the Blind, Artist-in-Residence in Long Island middle schools; free improvisation, Snapshot Radio on WFMU, collaboration with dancers, workshops with members of Meredith Monk's company.

IV. 1988-92, Santa Fé, New Mexico: co-founded Nonsequitur with Jonathan Scheuer (1989); "Spanish" folk music; eccentric radio art; field recording; Dueto Le Mômo with Marghreta Cordero; played with Gamelan Encantada and studied gamelan selonding in Bali.

V. 1993-2004, Albuquerque, NM: radio on KUNM; trio with David Dunn and Chris Shultis; collaboration with choreographer Lane Lucas and other dancers; scored documentary on painter Agnes Martin; quiet improvisation with small instruments, amplified natural/found objects, electronics, voice, solo and with others (Steve Roden, Anna Homler, Francisco López); "retirement" from live performing; environmental field recording leads to site-specific sound installations.

VI. 2004-16, Seattle, WA: Jack Straw Productions; as Director of Nonsequitur oversees the Wayward Music Series at the Good Shepherd Center Chapel; performs with the Seattle Phonographers Union; produced soundtrack album for Winter's Bone; artist residency in Portugal; more sound installations; occasional return to live performance; big project about family history in the Azores; created web site Many Many Women, an index of women in experimental music.