Three Rooms

2007; CD (US $15 post-paid); Sirr-ecords (Sirr 0029), Lisbon; Listen/download (excerpts)

Documents three sound installations: a re-mastered version of Delicate Abrasions (sounds of "playing" an old building in Santa Fé), a completely remixed version of Center of Gravity (processed breath sounds for one of artist Susan York's "graphite rooms" in Chicago), and the original version of Mountains Hidden in Mountains (orchestral drone from a single strike of the meditation bell at a zendo in Albuquerque).

Reviews: Boomkat, Disquiet, e/i, d'Mute (French), Furthernoise, Gaz-Eta, Kathodik (Italian), Neural, New Media Fix, Octopus (French), Sands Zine (Italian), Tokafi, Touching Extremes (scroll down almost to end), Vital Weekly, The Wire (October 2007, not online)