Window Seat (2004)

July 2 - August 13, 2004
Santa Fe Art Institute
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Transmit + Transform, curated by Diane Karp
Listen (edit, 9:47)
Site-specific sound installation located in a small, closet-like space in the administrative office of the Art Institute with a full-length window looking out on the main entrance to the building. Four participants (David Dunn, Jackie M, Ann Racuya-Robbins, Gene Youngblood) were invited to sit in this space at different times for about 30 minutes and describe what they saw out the window; their voices were recorded and edited to form a woven narrative. Visitors sat in the chair looking out the window, listening on headphones to a mix of ambient sounds recorded outside the window, live sound picked up by a wireless microphone hidden outside, and the speaking voices. An attentive listener might notice random correspondences between what they were seeing, the sounds they were hearing (both past and present), and the events described by the voices.