Not Me

We are everywhere. I think we should have a convention.

Accounting Program Advisor
Acting Student
Actor in Dr. Who (UK)
Alternate Reality Game Designer
Amazon Movie Reviewer
Anti-Smoking Advocate (Canada)
Architectural Salvage Guy
Art Packer (Australia)
Aviator (deceased)
Award-Winning Truck Driver
Baseball Player
Bicycle Racer (Holland)
Biochemistry Professor
Blogger Dude
Boat Owners Association Council Member (UK)
Bow Hunting Expert
Burning Man Photographer
Camp Counselor (deceased)
Car Dealer
Christian Anti-Rock Crusader
Christian Rock Keyboardist
Civil Servant (UK)
Comedian (UK)
Comics Artist/Prog-rocker
Confused Tree Owner
Country Music Drummer
Crash Investigator
Cricket Player (UK)
Critical Thinker
Death Metal Guitarist
Demolition Derby Racer
Digital Imaging Artist
DJ/Barry White Impersonator
Eco-tourism Guide/Film Maker (Australia)
Elementary School Associate Principal
Engineering Student
Environmental Health Specialist
ex-Emo Rocker
Fantasy Gamer
Fictional Character
Fictional Character II
Film Character in "The Slender Thread"
Film Production Assistant
Flesh-Eating Virus Survivor
Flickr Photographer
Foundation Manager
Gay Christian
Geology Professor
Geology Professor as Bridegroom
Graphic Designer & AI Geek at MIT
Grateful Dead Writer
Gypsy Jazz Bassist (UK)
Halloween Fisherman
Harley Rider
Heirloom Horticulturist
High School Grad, Class of '68
Highschool Basketball Player
Hillbilly Musician
Hockey Fan
Hockey Player (Canada)
Hockey Video Coordinator
Honourary Canadian
Horse Handler
Hotel Manager (Canada)
Human Resources Staff
Interactive Media Sound Designer
Investment Banker
Investment Officer
Jazz Drummer
Kinky Porn Writer
Labor Minister (Canada)
Leather Accessories Designer (Australia)
Legislator (deceased) (Canada)
Lifeguard (New Zealand)
Male Stripper
Man of Many Quotes
Media Executive
Medical Advisory Council Member
MIT Energy Club Board Member
Motivational Speaker
Native American Marine Biology Lab Guy
Obama Blogger
Performing Arts Dept. Chairman
Photo Finder
Photographer of Trains & Buses (UK)
Poetic Beer Enthusiast
Professor of Pathology
Psychotherapist (UK)
Public Facilities Manager
Publishing Production Assistant
Radio Presenter (Holland)
Radio Station Owner/Manager
Real Estate Agent
Robotics Engineer
Rock & Roll Drummer
Roof Framing Master
Rugby Player
Rugby Player II (UK)
Runner II
Runner III
School Board Member
School Custodian
Sign Artist (Canada)
Singing Marine
Soccer Player (UK)
Social Studies Teacher
Software Consultant
Steel Company Executive
Stevie Ray Vaughn Fan
Symphonic Bassist (deceased)
Tea Party Guy
Techno Musician
Tennis Player
Tiki Wedding Bridegroom
Timberframe Home Builder
Trekking Guide
TV Sit-com Character
Vietnam Veteran (deceased)
Voiceover Talent
Water Quality Specialist
Web Designer
Woodwind & Trumpet Player (UK)